Food for Thought

Understanding the sheer power of what we eat is edgy.  We have long known that “Food is life and most of us cook every day. Some of us cook with a passion, exploring flavors and textures, some as a form of art, experimenting with colors and design while others cook simply because they have to (a real chore).”

 None-the-less, we cook and we do take it seriously   We also have a sense that there is a good balance to be achieved in healthy eating habits, so we are at least, a generation somewhat aware. 

Unfortunately, much of this awareness comes from myths, outdated pyramids and very tantalizing advertising.  We watch commercials with beautiful (of course, thin) people eating greasy fried morsels, drinking endless sodas, eating desserts and making it look oh, so appealing.  And, at the same time statistics show that more of us are dying of Ischemic Heart Disease (Heart Attacks), Cerebrovascular Disease (Strokes) and Cancer than ever before. The core causes of many of these diseases are directly rooted in what we prepare and eat. 

 It seems as though the choice should be easy.  Eat well.  Be healthy.  But what does that mean?  Many of us try to take “short cuts”, don’t know or just ignore the risks.  Why? 

·        We drink endless sugar-free sodas.  Read the ingredients.  They are loaded with artificial sweeteners and chemicals we know nothing about.

·        We drink 2% milk instead of whole milk.  What does that mean?  Who says that is a healthy choice?

·        We eat 6 – 8+ oz of meat each day.  Why?  How much fat and grease are we actually consuming?

·        We eat sugary cereal or instant oatmeal loaded with sweeteners, dried fruit and artificial flavors. Why do we think that is healthy?

·        A Saturday breakfast consists of bacon or ham, eggs, hash browns and toast.  What are we celebrating?  A potential heart attack?

·        We know that commercial fruits and vegetables are grown with pesticides.  How does our body react to “poison” even ingested in small, but frequent amounts?  We don’t take the time to wash our food with an organic fruit/vegetable wash.  Why? 

·        We think that huge quantities of yogurt are healthy.  Who said so?

These are just a few common errors that many of us seem to make without calculating the potential risk.  And, we who prepare and cook meals, make these decisions everyday for the people we love the most.  We are a generation of people who have much information;  it is time to become proactive and seek out the answers to these and many more questions.  Before it is too late. 

I strongly recommend beginning with Dr. John McDougall,  and Dr. Joel Fuhrman.  For a solid start to healthy eating, visit my sister Bev’s website, Green Gourmet Gardener, and also check recipes by Robin Robertson,  (Robin uses a little more “healthy oil” than I do but it is easy to lower the oils without compromising excellent flavor and texture.)

And, of course, come back to visit me often as I share my journey with you, entering and gaining benefit from this Brave New World of Eating Well! 

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