Salad Recipes
Cool and Refreshing

When somebody mentions a Salad most people get an image of a small bowl of Iceberg Lettuce with a couple wedges of tomatoes, a slice or two of a cucumber, an onion ring with a glob of Ranch Dressing perched on top.  With a little imagination and a few ingredients the lowly dish can be a glorious addition to any meal or a tasty meal by itself.

Please, try the recipes below, add to or adjust them to your personal preferences and use your imagination to create your own "Green Masterpieces."  And don't forget to be on the look out for beautiful dark, leafy greens as well as some interesting lettuce mixes available now.

The ordinary Garden Salad can be made into an absolutely extraordinary version using the same vegetables that your family enjoys with a bit of planning ahead and imagination! Enjoyable to make, to serve, and of course to eat.

Grilled Tuna is a delightful salad choice for family or company.  It meets consistently with rave reviews and can be made a few hours before serving.  

These lovely little Zucchini Rolls will earn you applause whether from your family or from your most discriminating dinner guests. We have even made them for a luxurious snack for just the two of us! 

They are crisp and cool with an explosion of flavors in your mouth. And, if that isn't enough, they are really healthy!

This lovely to look at, delicious and satisfying to eat, Shrimp Louie, has its roots in California, originally made with tiny bay shrimp that we had to hunt for throughout the mixed greens and wonderful dressing. We now make it with medium shrimp, but the dressing is the same California Classic.

Cool, crisp, refreshing The Classic Waldorf is ideal for an evening meal, picnic or beach brunch. It is spectacular to look at and with a little salt and colored sugar rim can be transformed to suit any holiday. Best of all, it is loved by kids and adults alike!

This recipe for Taco Salad will surprise you. It is tasty, satisfying and comes together in a naturally festive way. Make it for two or for a crowd. It is sure to be a success!

Whether prepared for a family meal or for company, this Chicken on Greens is a perfect dish in both flavor and appearance. It can be assembled in minutes or made ahead. Serve with a crusty bread.

It looks elegant and this Warm Orzo Shrimp Dish is also surprisingly filling. Orzo is a pasta with a rice-like texture and a pasta taste. This would be a great company starter course or a main meal for the family. Serve it with oven toasted buttered bread sprinkled with a little garlic powder and parsley.

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