Beautiful Touches

It is a well known fact that you “eat with your eyes first.” If it looks good, with Beautiful Garnishes,, you will be more inclined to want to taste it. Who doesn’t love the pretty roses on top of a birthday cake or powdered sugar sprinkled in a lovely pretty pattern on top of a pound cake. But don’t limit your imagination to dessert decorations, a stalk of celery in a glass of a tomato juice or a green smoothie makes a strong visual impact on the overall presentation. Tomato Roses are striking on salads and vegetable platters. A Radish Mouse can make the difference between your child trying a salad or not. Have fun. Make your food delightful to look at with beautiful garnishes!

Who wouldn't love to have a Beautiful Tomato Rose as a garnish on their plate. The roses add that gourmet touch to garden or pasta salads, sandwich platters, a steak dinner or just about any dish that includes tomatoes. And simple? Very.

A good way to start cooking from ordinary to extraordinary and it takes only a couple of tips and a little practice to get good at it.

Sweet Green Onion Flowers beautifully garnish a Vegetable Platter, Salad or a Dinner Plate.

They are one of the simplest garnishes to make and look lovely by themselves or nestled into Tomato Roses making a dramatic presentation.

This crispy chip looks like a lovely Potato Rose which is a delightful garnish on a sandwich plate or a dramatic addition to a platter.

Learning the technique is all it takes to make this unusual and special garnish!

And, what child wouldn't want his bowl of salad with a Little Mouse sitting on top? A great way to introduce little ones to gourmet dining.

My Grandfather said many years before it was popular, "You eat with your eyes first."Children are no different; if they like the way it looks, they'll eat it!

For a lovely touch to the corner of a dinner plate or on a piece of grilled or baked fish add a Citrus Butterfly. So simple to make and what a special addition to the food you so carefully prepared.

Who doesn't enjoy the playfulness of a Citrus Corkscrew garnish? Tossed casually on a Fruit Salad, Lemon Chicken or as a decoration on a slice of Lemon Cake. We also like to drop them vertically into a glass of white wine or sparkling water!

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