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Many of us watch the amazing cooks/chefs on Food Network as they chop, stir, cook and bake lovely dishes, presented on beautiful plates. And then, we attempt them. Oh, it looks so easy when watching it.

We can't help but wonder if just the right items would be available to us if the Camera Crew was along. Have we ever seen lovely Ina dash into eight different stores searching for just one item! And, their Kitchen Gardens, with plentiful fresh herbs. Do they get out there and sweat and dig like most of us?

However, we love their recipes. It is a good idea to remember when making them that most of us are not professional cooks, do not have gardeners and have to clean up every bit of kitchen mess ourselves.

My goal with this section is to prepare various recipes seen on television or found on Food Network Websites, and report to you what worked and what presented some difficulty.

Please let me know if there is a particular recipe you would like me to test in my "in home" kitchen!

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Fried Baby Artichokes, the first recipe posted. It was chosen because it's unusual, delicious and can be prepared ahead of time making it a fabulous company appetizer. You can see the original recipe on Ina Garten's site and my notes and recommendations following.

This lovely dessert, Ina's Chocolate Cupcake is truly extraordinary.

The recipe itself is perfect as written by Ina, however please see the notes and instructions following the recipe for additional suggestions and tips.

This is another recipe that Ina has given us, Kathleen's Peanut Butter Icing. It is the best peanut butter icing recipe that we have ever made. Very easy and mess free to make and absolutely fantastic to eat! Watch those beaters!

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