What is a Gourmet? Are You One?

By virtue of the fact that you are reading this, it is likely that you either are a Gourmet or one in the making!

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Gourmet as:

 a connoisseur of food and drink; : a person who enjoys and knows a lot about good food and wine~

We who look for Recipe Sites on the web enjoy good food and drink.

And, that is certainly the first step to becoming a epicurean!  The next step is a lifelong journey that may include culinary school, cooking classes or merely reading, tasting and preparing exceptional food. 

This is my story:

I have enjoyed beautiful food my entire life. When I was a young woman and newly married, my husband and I decided to host our first dinner party.  We lived in a circle of duplexes where we met two couples whose company we enjoyed very much.  Guest List Easy. Since we were all just starting out in life and money was tight Menu Planning, Tough.

After flipping through countless magazines and cookbooks (no computers in those days) I finally decided on Meatloaf (imagine, meatloaf for a company dinner!) and found a recipe in Better Homes and Gardens; Low-Cost Cooking Ideas! Oh yes, 1971!  I liked that the picture of the meatloaf didn't look at all ordinary; it was finished with three mushroom caps topped with pimiento spirals!  Beautiful and within my budget. 

The dinner, complete with criss-cross baked potatoes, was met with appreciative ahhh's when it was proudly placed on the center of the table and rave reviews upon completion of the meal. That was the first time I was called a Gourmet!

I was very embarrassed and denied it fervently while flushing internally with pleasure at the end result and wonderful compliments.

This is the actual photograph I found so many years ago.

While certainly NOT a connoisseur in those early days, the meatloaf preparation and presentation was the very moment I became someone who appreciates good food beyond the norm and wants to prepare it. 

Years of cooking, learning new techniques and attempting different things made it happen! The day I learned to make a beautiful tomato rose you would have thought that I just reached the top of Mt. Everest! And, everything, I do mean everything! was adorned with tomato roses.

Red ones, yellow and even green.  There is even a way to make Potato Roses with thinly sliced potatoes and fry them various shades of golden brown.  You guessed it - served around meatloaves, steaks, roasts (any excuse for a golden rose!) 

I no longer deny or feel embarrassed by the wonderful praise and title.  I think my conservative sister, Bev, a greengourmetgardener.com  is the one who finally convinced me.  

As you walk through your own Gourmet Journey it is my true hope that you will visit my site frequently with your stories,  successes, failures and questions.  And, when you are tagged by your family and friends as a gourmet, just smile, enjoy and believe it.  If you appreciate beautiful, interesting and well prepared food and drink, You ARE an Everyday Gourmet!!

So, what are we waiting for,

Let's Get Cooking!