Smooth Smoothies 

Smoothies, what a wonderful way to drink your nutrition!  They are beautiful, taste absolutely delicious while energizing your body, eliminating extreme sugar highs and lows, providing intense nutrition and assisting in weight loss.  You would think that it doesn't get any better than that but many foods used in making these lovely drinks have specific health benefits, such as walnuts (Omega 3), tart cherry juice (super anti-inflammatory) and spinach (unique anti-cancer carotenoids and Vitamin C).

Something we have found with interest in our exhaustive search for these recipes is what seems to be a lack of appreciation for seasonings and flavor layering for these lovely little drinks.

Our recipes have remedied that and we hope you enjoy them thoroughly.

If you are interested in growing your own produce for Smoothies, please visit Your Vegetable Gardening Helper. She has a wonderful book The Green Smoothie Garden which you will enjoy! 

Garden Salad

This lovely little drink is a salad in a glass.  The ingredients can come straight from your Garden  ( your produce market or your local grocery. It is packed with nutrition and so yummy that you will have an easier time getting your spouse or your children to eat their vegetables.

Ruby Red Nutrition Blast

A beet cocktail.  Loaded with vitamins and minerals and very good for the overall health of pregnant women, both physically and mentally.  Plus a lovely, naturally sweet taste.

Bedtime Delight

This delicious libation is full of sleep enhancing and muscle relaxing nutrients.  

First seen on Dr.Oz, we have changed the recipe to greatly enhance the flavor while maximizing health benefits. You will derive a relaxed sense of well being and awaken feeling rested and ready to go!

Breakfast Energizer

Boost your energy in the morning with this quick and yummy drink.  Great for your brain, nerve functions, a natural laxative and stabilizer for blood sugar, helps lower cholesterol and improve blood flow. It tastes GREAT!


Warm Oatmeal Drink

Warm and soothing on a chilly morning this Oatmeal Beverage is great and very healthy for the children but equally as good for you  in a travel mug on the way to work!  So, so good. 

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