Herbs and Spices are the ingredients that make food wonderful, warm, spicy, intricate and tasty. This section is designed to assist you in developing a deeper understanding of them and trigger a desire to be adventurous in experimentation. So, let's begin at the beginning!
Is there a difference between Herbs and Spices? The following explanation which I feel is both informative and comprehensive, was written by Spice-Racks.com www.spice-racks.com,

"While there are some similarities between herbs and spices, there also are subtle differences.

Spices are obtained from roots, flowers, fruits, seeds or bark.

While both herbs and spices may be used for the purpose of flavoring food, spices are generally stronger in flavor so a smaller quantity is needed for flavoring. Spices can also used as preservatives."

Herbs and Spices are a must for Gourmet cooks, but regardless of how many you have, if you can’t find the one you want, at the exact time you need it, it is useless and you purchase a duplicate if you have time. This page walks you through my process and will get you started on easily managing your spices.

There are several ways to go about managing your spice spaces and with a tiny bit of planning, you will end up with a wonderful result that suits your style and your kitchen.

Check this page out for a beginning discussion on using fresh or dried herbs/spices. It will help you begin to see the difference and assist you in choosing your own herb flavor profile.

You may be surprised to discover that you need no significant space at all to grow fresh herbs. A sunny windowsill, a small porch or balcony is really all you need!

You don't need any experience at all to grow your own high quality herbs and vegetables. Just follow the same easy steps that I did last year and you will always have great herbs available while never paying the high grocery store cost again.

Learn how to plant your very own Herb Garden at 

The Green Gourmet Gardener's site! 

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